Azumarill weakness

For two weeks in every Go Battle League each season, the Great League will be the focus - meaning you have to come up with the most effective team possible at under CP. The Great League is one of the most creative because of this low CP requirement. A side benefit of the Great League is putting a team together is cheaper and easier than other leagues, meaning if you want to make inroads through the Go Battle League ranks without spending a lot of Stardust, you can.

Though there are fewer Legendaries and Mythicals to consider though one or two are worth exploring, as your list below explains you'll be leaning on more common catches which, given the restrictions, start to shine. And if you don't have our recommended Great League choices, chances are you can find them pretty easily in the wild. Remember you are only allowed one of each in the Go Battle Leagueand ideally you'd want to build a team with different type strengths and defense.

For example, if you build a team with Altaria, Skarmory and Azumarill, you'll be especially open to Electric types. It's worth saying though Swablu is fairly common, evolving it into Altaria requires Candy to evolve - so it doesn't come without some work.

If everyone has an Altaria in their team, then you'd want a strong counter, and Azumarill's Ice Beam fits that bill. It's not cheap - because it has a low max CP, you need to put a lot of Stardust into it - but it's also effective against other meta popular types, such as Deoxys Defence, Alolan Marawak, and flying types in general.

But be aware it's got several common weaknesses, such as grass, which is an uncommon but common enough type you might regularly come up against. Many starter evolutions are recommended for the Great League - they're common, are the subject of Community Days with often improved moves and usually rank on the upper end for their type.

As a result, Venusaur comes recommended, especially as it can help counter the likes of Azumarill and Whiscash. It has a few meta weaknesses of its own - such as flying and psychic - to be wary of, but it's otherwise strong enough to seriously consider.

Legendaries are harder to catch than most - and unlocking a second charge move for them is very expensive - but between the many opportunities players have had to get a Registeel, and Steel coming highly recommended in the Great League thanks to few meta weaknesses and staying in fights for longer, it's well worth investing in.

Though it's a good counter against Altaria in particular, it's otherwise a good way to balance out your team defensively. Another Steel type again, useful since it has few weaknesses against popular types in the Great League meta, and can hold its own against the mighty Altaria but what makes Skarmory unique is its great Flying moves.

Skarmory is fairly common, so if you're been playing regularly you should have picked up a few by now - making this an attractive cost-effective alternative. But if you have a Deoxys Defencethe stats at lower levels are excellent and unusual move combination for its type its fast move Counter is fighting makes it a winner - especially when it's not weak against much in the current meta.

As a raid exclusive this is another hard one to come by, but good stats, access to powerful ghost moves and unusual dual typing that makes harder to take down, and Alolan Marawak can really surprise the common match-ups you're bound to come up against. It's particularly useful against fighting Hariyama and psychic Deoxys Defenceand, if you want to increase its effectiveness further, throw in a second Charged move in the fire type, and you can pick off grass and steel, too.

We've also recently had the Buddy Adventure feature, which introduces a variety of perks - including finding Souvenirs - as well as a new trade evolution feature. There is also the gradual arrival of new Promo Codes to redeemtoo.When fishing for food at the edge of a fast-running stream, Marill wraps its tail around the trunk of a tree. Marill's oil-filled tail acts much like a life preserver.

Your request could not be completed. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. Marill Height 1' 04" Weight Type Water Fairy. Weaknesses Electric Grass Poison. S2 Episode Beauty and the Breeder S4 Episode The Crystal Onix S2 Episode Right On, Rhydon S4 Episode New Plot, Odd Lot! S9 Episode In the Pink S2 Episode Bye Bye Psyduck S2 Episode Marill Cards.

Marill Lost Thunder. Marill 34 Burning Shadows. Marill 76 XY—Steam Siege. Marill XY—Primal Clash. Marill 68 EX Sandstorm. Marill 76 EX Delta Species.Since then, the Silph Arena has been the driving force for hosting new and exciting themed ranked tournaments and events.

Some very important terms that need to be known before diving into building a strong Great League team are:.

Azumarill Solo Raid Guide

Their natural bulk, strong attacks, and their resistances allow them to succeed against sturdy defenses. They are able to act as a sponge by absorbing damage and do not need to rely on the use of shields because of their bulkiness and diverse typings. Skarmory has been a dominant force since the first-ever themed Silph Road tournamentthe Boulder Cup.

It was as if it was designed for the Great Leaguewith its great bulk, excellent typing, and good moveset, Skarmory is a force to be reckoned with and is a staple for most, if not all tournaments that can include this beast.

When faced against a Grass-type opponent, its farming potential is astonishing which can lead you to storing up 2 Sky Attacks to gain a huge advantage over your opponent. A pure Psychic-typeDeoxys Defense Forme has access to Counter as a fast move, as well as a plethora of strong and diverse charge moves. Its other weakness, the Bug typeis covered by Rock Slideone of that hard hitting charge moves it gets access to.

Azumarill Moveset - Pokemon #184 - English, Español, Francais

Its bulk and impressive damage make it one of the best leads in the entire Great League. Azumarillaka the bulky blue egg, makes a great addition to any Great League team. Azumarill counters a lot of current meta picks naturally. Play Rough is also a great move that works against many popular picks in the Great Leaguesuch as Sableye and Medicham.

Venusaur can be an especially deadly Grass-type killer paired when used as a closer. Its high defense stat make it an incredibly strong closer. The addition of its Poison-type sub-typing makes it a great counter against fellow Grass-types. If you are lucky enough to have one under CPit is a no brainer to power up an incredibly strong dual Grass-type for the Great League. It knows how to take a hit and is an exceptional Closer. Umbreon can be a great counter to top tier picks such as Deoxys Defense formAltaria and even Skarmory.

It may be tricky to acquire an Umbreon with Last Resort under CP, but if you can get your hands on one, it can and it will serve you well in battle. Although one would think Lucario will have problems with Ground types in the great league, the truth is that they are fairly less common than you think. You can additionally unlock Shadow Ball as its second charge move. Power-Up Punch makes Lucario extremely dangerous in the long run, and Counter will charge it in a second.

Alolan Marowak was ignored for the longest time, as players struggled to understand its role and usage. However, with the rise of Steel types in the Great League, Alolan Marowak became one of the most popular Fire types to use. Its dual Ghost and Fire typing makes it super efficient at dealing with Fighting, Bug and Steel types, while moves like Fire Spin and Shadow Ball are great coverage options for dealing neutral damage. Bone Club is a must have second charge move. This would not be a list of top tier picks without having this monster mentioned in it, Bastiodon is at this current time the number one pick as an Attacker.

Medicham is also surprisingly bulky. Medicham can often carry your entire team to victory.

Medicham is a very pricey Stardust investment, but the fact that it maxes out at CP allows it to show its full potential in the Great League. Swampert is able to quickly charge and spam Hydro Cannonwhich can be an absolute game-changer.

The main issue with Swampert is its double weakness to Grass attacks. It allows Swampert to bait shields, while also allowing access to Earthquake for serious damage dealing. Lanturn is a safe and solid pick for Great League and has some really great uses.

As a Defenderif you have shields to burn, spamming Water Gun to get to a Hydro Pump or even a Thunderbolt can be a powerful option.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.

By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Dialga has high attack power and defense, making it a top contender in the Master League. If you're faced with an opponent's Togekiss, you can fight it with Dialga or your own Togekiss. Dialga is a very common Pokemon to use in the Ultra League so make sure to boost your Dialga's CP to get the competitive advantage.

azumarill weakness

This party makes use of Dialga's very few weaknesses and throws it out first into battle. Dialga is weak to Fighting and Ground types, which means you'll have to watch out for Melmetal's Superpower and Dragonite's Dynamic Punch, as well as Swampert's Earthquake. It's possible that your opponent will switch out upon seeing your Dialga, so it's important to be able to set up an advantageous situation for yourself in this case. If they switch into Melmetal, bring out your Swampert. If you see a Dragonite, swap into Giratina.

There are situations where you and your opponent both send out a Dialga first. In such cases, setting your Dialga as your Buddy is a good way to get the advantage in the mirror matchup. This is a party built to support a Melmetal lead. Although this team seems to have many weaknesses, the team synergy is such that each member makes up for the others' weaknesses.

azumarill weakness

However, if you do this you'll be left with only Melmetal to deal with Togekiss. Lead with Ominous Wind and hope for the stat up proc, as that will often cement your victory. The remaining 2 spots in your party should be able to deal with Giratina's main threats, Tyranitar and Togekiss. Be ready to react to your opponent's switches quickly. This particular party is somewhat vulnerable to Dialga, so be careful in how you deal with. Ensure that your Metagross's Earthquake is not blocked by a shield!

In terms of a charge move, you have the option between Outrage and Hurricane. Dragonite works well with these two Pokemon, as they supplement each others' weaknesses. Even if Dragonite is taken down, you can often stick it out long enough to win.Hello Guest. Log In. Quick Links:. Search the Psydex. Search psypokes. Search WWW. Level-Up Moves. Breeding Info. Full Breeding Chain.

Tutored Moves. OmegaRuby AlphaSapphire. Black White Black2 White2. HeartGold SoulSilver. Diamond Pearl Platinum. FireRed LeafGreen. Ruby Sapphire Emerald. Gold Silver Crystal. Red Blue Yellow. Other Games. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed and this attack does 10 damage to each of you opponent's Benched Pokemon.

Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed. If heads, take 2 Energy cards attached to Light Azumarill and attach them to 1 of your Benched Pokemon. Then return Light Azumarill and all cards attached to it to your hand. If heads, return Azumarill and all cards attached to it to your hand.

azumarill weakness

This attack does 30 damage times the number of heads. Each Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed. This attack does 20 damage plus 20 more damage for each heads. If heads, prevent all damage done to Azumarill during your opponent's next turn.

azumarill weakness

Bubble Pump If Azumarill has 3 or more Energy attached to it, this attack does 40 damage plus 20 more damage. If Azurill is anywhere under Azumarill, flip a coin. For each heads, heal 40 damage from this Pokemon. Aqua Sonic This attack's damage isn't affected by Resistance.Niantic isn't letting that stop Trainers from playing, though. It has been implementing temporary measures allowing players to carry on their quest to be the very best alone, and in some cases even from the comfort of their own homes.

If only Ash had that option. None of them require players to get anywhere near a fellow trainer. Even the task which requires them to battle someone else. That means the Great League section of the Battle League is in full swing. Chances are players have been faced with a flood of Registeel, Azumarill, and Altaria.

Trainers rushed to raids to get their hands on Registeel and since then haven't had much use for it, until now. But like Homer, Registeel can be beaten. Have a Vigoroth with Counter and Bulldoze as your lead if you can and taking down Registeel should be a breeze. Chances are any trainers who have competed in the Great League thus far will have been met with more Azumarill than they can shake a stick at.

Rightly so as the fully-evolved water mouse is pretty darn good for what's needed right now, mostly due to its ability to take down Dragon-types. Azumarill is not unbeatable, though.

Alolan Raichu is the popular choice to take down Azumarill. However, since more trainers are becoming wise to that fact, players without an Azumarill might be better off including a Leafeon in their team. Trainers might not have come across Altaria as often as Registeel and Azumarill since only those who have saved up Swablu candy will have one. Nevertheless, they are popping up and its ability to take plenty of hits can prove troublesome.

The trick is to make those hits count as when Altaria hits back, it hurts. Trainers should look no further than their best-suited Ice-type for this task. Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. Back then, Sonic 2 quickly became his favorite game and as you might have guessed from his picture, the franchise has remained close to his heart ever since. Nowadays, he splits his time between his PS4 and his Switch and spends far too much time playing Fortnite. If you're a fan of gaming, wrestling, and soccer, give him a follow on Twitter BristolBeadz.

Share Tweet Email 0. About The Author Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember.Important notice! Pokemon Azumarill is a fictional character of humans. There is only single Creator of everything and anything All Pokemon are made up by humans based on real animals or existing objects.

The stroies of Pokemon are all fictional and in most cases illogical or nonsense. Never pass your necessary jobs and duties due to gameplaying! The lower half of its body is white with a white, bubble-like pattern above it, which helps to camouflage it in water. It has elongated, rabbit-like ears with red insides and circular eyes. When in the water, it rolls up its ears to prevent the insides from becoming wet.

Its arms and feet are short with rounded ends and no discernible digits. It has a black zigzagging tail with a blue, bubble-like tip. Azumarill has highly developed hearing that allows it to hear distances, even when it is underwater. By keeping still and listening closely, it can identity prey even in wild, fast-moving rivers. A female one was used in a circus. However, it lost and Paul gave it away to a passing Trainer. She is also Marimaru's mother. Gameplay Screenshots Game Wallpapers. Version 5.

Level Level 52 Use item Mega Gem. Azumarill's Other Forms Shiny Azumarill. Shiny Azumarill. Class: Uncommon. Types: Water Fairy.

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